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Doctor Doctor

You see on of the doors that looks strangely like one of the entrance wooden doors at your doctor's office. You go through the door.

You enter a room that looks just like the waiting room in your doctor's office. You hear the door slam behind you and won't open up. You walk into the center of the waiting room. There's an old lady sitting in one of the waiting chairs. Before you can do anything, a woman from behind the counter calls out to you, 'The doctor will see you soon.' You see her through the window and are shocked. She's about 700lbs! You don't know what to do but only to sit down and wait. You sit next to the old lady and ask her for a magazine. She hands you one, but you don't understand it. All the words or reversed or contains letters that don't exist. You ask the old lady what it says, and she responds with a deep burly voice of a man, but she looks like a little old lady. You are freaked out by this and are about to leave when the doctor's door opens up. Out comes a lady about 4ft tall but her skin is blue. 'The doctor will see you now.'


Written by Meh

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