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Yep, still a dragon.

Artie leads you back into the mountain, where you leap onto boulders and stones as you follow him to the cave entrance. It seems a lot smaller since you last were here. Still big, but still... The smell is a lot stronger, the rotten sulfur smell stinging your nose as you enter. You can hear the clicking of scales as the dragon moves about in the back of the cave. "Kalibyrn! We're back!" yells Artie, alighting on his perch. The Dragon approaches once more, looking at you with its burning eyes, "It seems you failed." he says, his tone somewhere between sorrow and annoyance. "I suppose I should have expected as much from a human." You growl in annoyance, which grows to a few roars as you try to explain. "Doesn't seem like you can talk in that form," says the Dragon, coming closer, bringing a claw up, "Hold still." he clamps his talon around your head, holding it in place. You feel a prickling sensation in the back of your brain as you feel a presence shuffling around in your mind. Then, like a movie, you memories of the past few hours replays itself as if in fast forward, finally culminating in your escape and return. Kalibyrn then removes his grip, backing off, "Well, that's interesting." he ponders aloud, his tone filled with curiosity. Artie bites at the lure, "What? What is it?"

"It seems Morganna doesn't know how he got this way." Kalibyrn says. "What? He's a big, ugly, hulking monster, that's Morganna's style all-right," says Artie. You give an annoyed growl at the bird, how takes a few steps away from your position. "True, but he's too strong, Morganna likes brutes, but even her powers have its limits in transfiguration. Even she could not create something that could take a blow to the head from an ogres club, or withstand lighting as you did. No, something she did not expect happened, something that may just tip the scales in our favor..."

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