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Sauron's castle

So you deside to look around for some new cloths.  As you're searching you run into a suit of armor that feels hot to the touch and you think "Hey this could keep me warm"

you try on the armor and notice it has a ring and a mace and you say "why dose this remind me of something?"

Then after saying this you notice that the armor apears to be geting smaller oh wait your geting biger to fit the armor and also as this happens it apears that your muscles have become engrosed with a surge of power. after this is done you feel the urge to do some evil stuff and mabey kill a few people take over the world or at least europe then you want to take off the armor but you think that might be a bad idea also you forget your name and the first name to pop in your head is Sauron. You can attempt to take of the armor, countinue to wear it or give in to your evil side.


HEY why cant i make any desions?  Oh im sorry but shut up im the author and besides your just a character.  (out of the blue some random guy pops up and says) STOP breaking the forth wall thats my job. it apease to be deadpool. .... well this is odd back to the story

everyone: agreed

Written by Draco

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