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You and jessie still hungry ask the dragon for more. He says. "Okay here" He hands you two small pieces of fruit. You look at it puzzled and ask what it is. "Its special fruit. Whatever happens in your dream happens to you for real" Jessie already having finished her food falls asleep. You eat the fruit and you doze off. You wake up in a room full of the most fattening food you can think of you eat it all. When you are done more food appears. This happens till' next morning. When you wake up you find yourself 5 times the size of jessie, and in a different room. The dragon sitting there says "I added something to the fruit and you will find out what" Just then jessie begins to grow to about your size. She wakes up and looks at you "Uhh... Hey" She says with a wry smile. Just then you You begin to swell even more and more and more. It is as if you have eaten fourteen whales. And then you grow fatter and fatter till' You have eaten the amount of eighteen whales. You sit there waiting for your next meal, Wondering how much fatter you might get.

Written by fanatical FAs "R" us

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