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A bigger you

You wake up still inside the castle and you are still a kitsune. But the room begins to fade around you. You find yourself in an incubation tube a nozzle hooked up to your mouth providing you with air and food. You look down puzzled to see that you are still a kitsune and your stomach is bulging intensely swelling against the other side of the tube and it is growing slowly but surely. You begin to panic and a soft mechanical voice interrupts. "Please don't panic that will only make the formula go topsy turvy and any harmful disturbances will speed it up ten fold things" At this point you don't care You begin to fuss around but you hear the glass crack and the voice comes again. "You have to relax" You obediently do so. The tube empties and the nozzle detaches itself The door opens and you spill out onto the floor You find it hard to stand with your swollen gut witch is growing a little faster now. Pills are in a cartridge next to you, you take them and look for an exit. You find it hopeless so you take the pills, Your stomach gurgles and begins to gain size ten times as fast now and your entire body grows too. You grow muscular and big you are still growing until you burst out of the building your in. You are now a growing giant kitsune and who knows when it will stop. you walk around, people scream in terror and the army comes a hand grenade explodes at your feet, you remember what the voice said to do don't panic and also any disturbances would speed it up. All of the sudden you begin to grow so fast that the bullets and missiles don't affect you. Then with a last growth spurt of muscle and size and weight (you weigh about 12340000 lbs now) You stop growing. But then your body begins to ballon outwards and begins to sag you sit down waiting for the rest to happen.

Written by fanatical FAs "R" us

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