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Not what you expected

The first girl to speak up is an arctic fox with amazing proportions. You damn yourself and wish you had some pants on. "Hey there, big boy, there's something I need you to get open with me."

"Oh yeah, anything you want."

"Can you... help me open this jar of pickles? I was trying to make a sandwich, but I couldn't get the darn thing to twist." She hands you the jar of Dills, and with a bit of a flourish, you twist the cap off immediately. "Oh, thank you so much, cutie!" The fox repays you with a peck on the cheek, which makes you REALLY want some pants on.

"Oh, I'm next!" "NO, ME!" "Hey, let me go!" The rest of the beautiful females begin to fight over who gets your services next. After watching the fight for a minute or so, still desperately needing some pants, you finally hold your hands over your manhood and yell "Hey, there's enough of me to go around!"

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