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oh great...

"how about you just fix me about with the works! you know all the bells and whistles!" The Leprechaun smiles "alright now let me think for a sec...okay I think I've got just the thing!" The black smoke reappears, you pass out... You wake up a bit dazed and try to stand up. Only to discover your a freakin Chimera! You now have long horns protruding from your tiger head, your once elegant tail is now a giant python. Massive black bat like wings are now affixed to your back, and you now have three heads!, your original tiger head in the center, a goat like head on your left shoulder and a dragon like head on your right. Enraged your stare down the Leprechaun "What is all this?! what have you done?!" The Leprechaun just shrugs "Well you said every thing! and thats what I gave you!"

Written by ^_^

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