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Tiger please!

"Leprechaun! I said a Tiger! the actual animal not this!" the Leprechaun chuckles "you said Tiger! you never gave me any details!" you turn to face him with a deadly stare "...okay! okay! I'll fix you!, geez..., would you like to add in any details about this wish before I move on?" asks the Leprechaun "um...lets see...I want to be large, strong and powerful! got it?" "yeah, yeah I got it!" smirks the Leprechaun Suddenly your engulfed in a thick black smoke, as it clears you notice your hands are now massive paws with menacing claws, you have a long elegant tail, you have sharp fangs, and your around 20ft long and 6ft tall just on all fours! The Leprechaun successfully turned you into a giant bengal tiger! However...

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