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Waking Up

You wake up, after having slept off your sizable meal. Both Jessie and the dragon are still asleep. Jessie's three tails are swishing back and forth; is she dreaming? You look up at her face, which, despite the huge amount of weight she's gained, is the same as the day you'd met her. She's smiling, and- is she drooling? Yes, she is; and you can't help but laugh. She shifts a bit, sending her massive belly into a thunderous jiggle, and you think she's about to wake up, so you stop laughing. She doesn't, though; she just sighs. Her belly is still shaking, and so are her breasts. You nuzzle her belly with your face. You were right; she IS softer than the cushions, and squishy, too. You thrust both of your paws into her fleshy, furry gut, feeling around in it. You grab some of her belly, shove it in your face, and inhale deeply. She smells very sweetly, like a meadow full of flowers; far different from the greasy, sort-of salty smell you'd expected from someone of her girth. "Having fun?" a familiar voice says. Startled, you look up. Jessie was awake now. "Uhhhhhh... Sorry..." you say, rather embarrassed. "No, it's alright. I actually kinda liked that," Jessie said, smiling. "I'm starving. Let's wake up the dragon." Jessie tries to put her paw on the dragon to shake her awake, but she's unable to reach her. She stops, and her expression changes to one of consternation. After a moment of thought, she appears to have an idea. "Hey, could you shake my belly?" she asks. "That'd wake her up." "Sure," you respond, happy just to have permission to feel her squishy belly once more. You take her gut in your paws and shake it violently. "Whoa!" she exclaims. "Not that hard!" Her belly is quaking now, as are her medicine ball-sized breasts, which you find rather arousing. You reach your paw back into her flesh, and stroke it a bit. She appears to enjoy this. After a minute or so of Jessie's gigantic belly jiggling, her plan finally pays off. The dragon opens her eyes, yawns and stretches. "Good morning," she says to the both of you. She looks up at Jessie's expectant face, smiles, and pats her belly tenderly. She looks down at you, and smiles. "Are you hungry?" she asks. "Yes!" Jessie responds, quite eagerly. The dragon laughs warmly. "Alright, then." She hops off of Jessie's stomach, sending it into yet another quake, and you can't help but stare at it longingly. The dragon notices this. She looks up at Jessie. "Can he?" she asks Jessie. "Sure," she replies. The dragon picks you up, and places you onto Jessie's quivering gut. "Comfy?" both Jessie and the dragon ask, in unison. "Yes," you say, dreamily, as you sink into her blubbery belly. They both laugh. "Well, I'm off to go find something for us to eat," says the dragon. "It might be a while before I return. In the meantime, don't go anywhere!" she says, jokingly; she knows you both can hardly move, as do you. "'Kay," you both respond. The dragon disappears from view, and both you and Jessie are alone. Jessie's gut starts to growl, sending it into another thunderous jiggle. It feels quite good on your own body; it's like your sitting on a gigantic, living massage chair. Jessie's enjoying your warmth against her body, and begins to make a sort of purring noise. She begins to stroke you with one of her tails; they're longer than you first imagined. She takes one of her paws and begins to stroke your belly. "Wait, I thought you couldn't reach this far..." you say. "That's what I wanted you to think," she says, sensuously. She giggles, jostling her belly a bit, as well as you. You take your paw, and stroke Jessie's belly; at least, as much as you can reach. You really don't care how long the dragon takes to find food; you don't want this moment to ever end. And it doesn't seem like Jessie wants it to end, either.

Written by Omnimancer

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