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A Pickax

In her claw, the dragon has a pickax. "Well, there's not enough room for all of us in here, so, I'm going to expand the cave! This may take a while, and you can't be in here while I'm remodeling..." She puts down the pickax, walks over to Jessie, and lifts her up above her head. The dragon's a lot stronger than she looks. She carries Jessie out of the room and places her outside of the cave. The dragon comes back into the cave, and does the same for you. She then runs back inside, and begins her work. You and Jessie find it a lot roomier outside. It's also somewhat wet; a slight drizzle begins to fall. You both aren't cold; your fat is keeping you warm. It's the wetness you're finding uncomfortable. You hope the dragon won't take too long.

Written by Omnimancer

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