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Just Barely

Both you and Jessie weigh about a ton each now; the room has become way too small for the both of you. With the dragon in there, the room seems even smaller. The dragon waddles out of the room, seemingly deep in thought. Meanwhile, you and Jessie are alone. Even with the dragon's bulk out of the room, there still isn't much space. Your blubbery bodies are pressed against each other; your belly in hers, and her thighs in yours. While there isn't much space for movement, you're both actually quite comfortable. You're both like each others pillow, or in this case, mattress, and you're both enjoying the warmth and softness of each others bellies. Maybe being fat won't be so bad. What's the dragon up to, anyway? What was she thinking about? It's probably nothing to worry about, but . . . It's still kind of bothering you.

Written by Omnimancer

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