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the mega goddess power gainer 8000

you paced abit to think of your next wish but then you suddenly saw another machine which was called the mega goddess power gainer 8000 and you said " hhhmm i guess have the power of the gods wouldnt hurt?" so you read the instructions set the machine aimed at you and you chosed to have all god powers and typed in to me the goddess of all then you pressed the trigger which it fired a ruby red lazer which hit you and then you felt all the powers flowing through you and then in a huge flash of light you finally obtained god like powers and you desided toset things up like changed your home from a normal house to the hugest castle which was so huge that it was 70% as tall as the tallest mountain in the world; and you made sure that you had enough richs to rule the univerise and since you were imortal you would never die or age except you can alter your age if you wanted too and also you said "leprauchaun came here for a minute" so the leprauchaun came up and asked " is there something you wanted?2 and you zapped a small beam which turn the leprauchaun into a sexy double F soft bouncy firm breast, big soft smooth butt, long smooth sexy legs smooth skin beutifull arms and a sexy face that was almost as sexy as yours and also the leprauchaun grew til she was about 10 inchs shorter then you, and her hair grew long and beutiful and soft and her voice was sexy almost as sexy as yours and after the change was complete along with the leprauchaun's cloths chancged to fit along with her underwear becoming silk panties and a silk bra appered on her the leprauchaun said "wow i never saw this comming lassie so what would you like to do know?".

Written by bladra

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