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Your Worst Nightmare

Doctor Styne looks at his two guinea pigs and smiles, "it vill all be over in a moment. Remember to pay attention, I vill ask qvestions aftervards!" He then turns toward a monstrous piece of electronic equipment that looks like it should be in one of those old horror movies you used to watch as a boy. Your mind is racing, what did the heroes in those movies do to get out of these situations?

As you push your brain to come up with an answer, Dr. Styne yells "Here Ve GO!!" and throws a massive switch, which is followed by a deafening whirring sound. You glance over at Jennifer, wondering what -if this experiment really works- it would be like to be her, even for a little while. To her credit, Jennifer seems fairly calm...almost resigned to what might be about to happen. Suddenly the lights go out and you feel dizzy, as though you're on a particulary sickening ride at the amusement park. After a few moments of nausea you pass out.

After what seems like an enternity, you open your eyes and try to focus on the room and see where Dr. Styne is. You realize that you're not attached to his equipment anymore, but rather are resting comfortably in a large bed in a well-appointed bedroom you hadn't seen before. "Thank Goodness" you say to yourself, "it all must have been a dream. Nobody can actually exchange bodies with another person, it's impossible." You stretch your arms and legs and slowly pull yourself up to the side of the bed. That's when you realize you are wearing a silky pink woman's nightgown. Confused, and starting to become a little worried, you try to stand up but fall hands-first into the carpet. It's as though you're getting used to your legs all over again...and it starts to occur to you that maybe it wasn't a dream after all. Before you pull yourself up you realize there is long brown hair hanging down in front of your face, the same length that Jennifer's hair was.

"Oh my God!" you scream out loud, only then realizing that it's not your own voice you've become accustomed to growing from a boy to a man. It's much higher pitched. You run to find the nearest mirror, nearly tripping again this time because of the long nightgown you're wearing. You notice a full-length mirror is in the shadows in the corner, near the window and slowly work your way over to it. As you pull the curtain back to allow the light to illuminate your body, you slowly come to realize the worst...you ARE Jennifer. The experiment was a success, as least as far as you being in her body. You curse yourself for wondering for even a second what it would be like to be her, for now you are.

You fumble back over to the bed, your heart and mind racing. "What is my next step? How do I find my own body?" You quickly put on the pink silky robe you find on the end of the bed and a pair of slippers and cautiously head out into the hallway.

Written by an anonymous author

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