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The Three "Little" Pigs

In the clearing, you both see three pigs, just wandering around. It seems odd to you that they'd just be be wandering around, not belonging to anyone, especially considering their size. These three pigs are perhaps the largest either of you had seen in your lives. Each pig had a belly sweeping the ground, almost pushing them up, and they spread two feet on either side of their bodies. Their thighs were each at least three feet in circumference, and looked incredibly soft and tender. Each pig had to weigh at least two tons, and between the three of them, you both could eat for, well, at least an hour, which is pretty long considering your appetites. The three pink, blubbery pigs didn't seem to belong to anybody; they were waddling along all by themselves, searching for their own food. They certainly did look delicious, and it didn't seem anybody would care if you just took them. What will you both do?

Written by Omnimancer

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