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a loud laugh

I heard a loud belly laugh after my transformation was compleat and out of no where I saw purple smoke then a pot belly man appears and laughing so hard.

I then heard a truck pull up and I felt one of those stick collars around my neck and thenin the truck I went.

The strange man from the purple smoke got in the truck with a funny grin on his face and his eyes where so crossed you could not ignor it.

I rode in the back of the truck for a very long time.

The truck finely stopped and the door was opend ,no one was there to get me out I hopped out and bam!!! into a brick wall I woke up some moments later and discovered I was a man again .

Glad I was back to my old self again at first I did not notice where I was

as I looked at the wall it looked like it was made of cotton candy, I looked at it and touched the wall anad it felt like cotton candy .

So I wondered why there was  a bump on my head.

I then started to look around and noticed every thing else looked like a stary sky.

every where even the ground I was standing on.

Wondering what was going on purple smoke begain to form again and poof there he was laughing so loud it almost sounded like thunder.

"Hi there I bet your glad your not a joey any more."

Im the great cosmic cross eyed wizard or you can call me bob.

Now lets see here The Great Cross eyed Wizardfolded his hands and begain to chant and my body began to change into???



Written by cd morrison

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