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Tickling the cheeta

"Can you bring the cheeta?", you ask. "Sure", the tiger says. Then, he leaves to get her. During his abscence, you get out some rope to tie her feet up so she can't run. Soon after, the tiger comes back, and behind him is a female cheeta. She sees the rope and walks over to look at it. "Whats with the rope?", she asks. Then, you push her down and the tiger ties up her feet. "What are you doing?", she asks. "Were about to play a game", you say. "Were going to see how long you can hold in your laughs", the tiger says. Then, you use hands to tickle her right back paw while the tiger tickles her left back paw with his front paws. "And, if you laugh, we make it worse", you say. She's already holding in her giggles. What do you do now?

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