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The universe reflected in its child's eyes

Bursting open the door, you frantically whip your eyes around the room, desperate for some place to hide from your own fear. Two small pinpricks of red halt your vision for a single moment. Two small, beautiful, intense, rubies floating in the darkness.

Your mind slows. The moment of staring grows to a second, then three. Minutes pass, maybe hours. Slowly, ever so slowly, a form appears behind the light.

The unmistakable form of the deer.

In an instant, pure fear shields your eyes and you stumble away, grasping for the door.

You don't feel anything.

In your delirious terror, your eyes wildly search for precious escape, anything to give your body form again, to allow you to feel something but crushing helplessness.

They find only the eyes.

Your face contorts in horror as your mind drowns in a sea of terror, screaming between precious gasps of sanity. The redness is growing now, pulsating into everything your eyes know, everything they ever knew. Your mind, your memories, your very soul is filled with the excruciating light.

The universe is nothing but intense scarlet.

An eternity passes.

And then another.

And then another.

And then another.

And finally, peace.

Infinite relief.


Lying there, prone on the floor. You attempt to move, the tiniest bit, just to reaffirm your existence. But. Your muscles are weak, as if they've never been used. Weak, as if they'd been used forever.

You struggle. Hours, days, years, it didn't matter, spent willing your body to exist. That craving desire to be in this world once more rushed across the realms of possibility, entering every small crack just so as to find itself again.

A twitch.



The tiniest movement. Your eye, with a feeling of incomparable victory, lifted itself but a millimeter.

But a millimeter.

That's all it took to see...

Written by snypylo

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