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Sweer Jaguar Lovin'

You lie there, breathing heavily, for the better part of ten minutes, with the shopkeeper watching you the whole time. The scent of his arousal needles at your brain in a highly distracting fashion, and it doesn't seem to be going down at all. Finally, having got your breath back, you roll onto your back.

Unfortunately, the shopkeeper seems to interpret this as an invitation. He positions himself above you, leans down, and licks your nipples.

The sensation of his rough cat's tongue on your sensitive new skin is so completely new that it's confounding. You gasp softly as a jolt of pleasure surges through your body. The male jaguar presses his mouth to yours in a deep, tongue-intensive kiss as he gently massages your breasts.

Although this is anything but your intended outcome, you're undeniably and extremely aroused right now. Your entire body tingles with the warmth of the sensation, and your upbringing as a sex-focused young man betrays any reservations you may have had. All you can think about is how much you want to complete this union.

Wrapping your arms around him, you pull him down on top of you, kissing him back for all you're worth. In one final bit of foreplay, he gently traces the head of his penis around the lips of your damp vagina; you can sense his quivering excitement, and it matches your own.

Then he thrusts into you. The sheer sensation of having his erect penis inside you is mind-blowing. You gasp even more deeply, which he answers by kissing you again as he begins to pump in and out of you.

You moan in pleasure, and it comes out as a soft feline yowl. Wrapping your legs around him, you begin bucking your hips in time with his thrusts. The pumping starts out slowly, but begins to build in frequency and intensity, your arousal building right along with it, approaching...

The climax. Suddenly the world explodes into a burst of pure sensation around you. You let out an all-out yowling scream, still pulling him into you, digging your claws into his back, your body milking at his penis as you realize what comes next, but you're too caught up in the moment to worry. Not long after, he climaxes as well, erupting inside you, and your body milks him for every last drop.

The two of you collapse, spent, into each other's arms. You lie there, nuzzling into his chest, your mind reeling; you just had sex with a man, and it was the most wonderful thing you've ever experienced.

Written by weirdo

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