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age change-anator it is

you desided to use the age change-anator you see a guide book of it taped on the side you read the book and your amazed of it " wow with this i can be any age i wanted to be!" you said; so you desided to you it and since you are 18 years old you wonder what itll be like as a female adult so you setted it up to change your age to be from 18 to 23 the leprechaun said " you sure you know how to use this lassie?" and you said " of course i will since i read the instructions itll be easy" and so you aimed the machine to you and you pressed the switch and then a beam hit you and then after that you notic that you slowly grew taller, your hair grew longer you breasts grew bigger and bouncy,your butt grew bigger and your body became more and more sexy and finaly it was done you became 23 years old and now you wonder what to do next?

Written by bladra

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