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Here it comes

No sooner then the words are out of your mouth then you start getting bigger. Your belly starts to expand. Your gut expands out, your fat spills over your waistline, and two mounds of fat start accumulating on your chest. You loss your balance and fall on your rump (it was soft enough to take the shock). The weight of your rapidly growing gut forces to lay down. On your back you realize that the fat from your neck is going to push your snout closed and prevent you from speaking without someone pushing your neck down.

You look at Bennie and see that is just as fat as you used to be.

The leprechuan summonds a heavy duty strecher and levitates you on to it. As Bennie waddles over to push the strecher, you realize that having this much fat realy feels kinda good. But you know that you want to be mobile again. You wonder if you will ever make it to the gold in time.

Written by Big Fat Wolf

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