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as the kids are laying and sleeping near the dragon you are looking and planning how to get rid of these kids .Suddenly some kids wake up. The dragon looks at them at first shocked but then asked softly "aren t you all not a bit sleepy , maye you want to go back to your parents." The kids are not reacting and start to go around . Then they see your friend , the dog. He looks shocked as some kids are surround him. The dog looks helpless to you when he suddenly starts to giggle a bit ." Hey, hihihehe, cut it out, hahaha what are you doing ". One of them had began to stroke his belly and he seems very ticklish. Suddenly the dog stops laughing and panst as 2 kids are jumping on his back . " Au, stop that , get off kids, please , HELP ME " He looks to you and you try to make the kids go . But the two kids who are standing on his back just say:" You will be our horse, we want to ride" The dog just looked on the annoyed and just stands still. " RIDE ! WE WANT TO RIDE! One of them starts to tickle the dog again onder the forelegs makin him laugh again. " Come on doggie, we want to ride , you should be happy . Laugh ! " The dog finally apologies under laughing and starts walking with the kids on his back. YOu finally have to giggle at this scene. Also the dragon gives you an amused look.

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