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This is normal?

You all go back to your normal lives...or so it appears. For the most part, your life is exactly how it was befor you went to the castle. There was, however, one exception. One day, when you are walking home on a deserted street, a stranger comes up to you and holds you at gun point. He demends you give him your wallet. You refuse. He responds by firing the gun. The bullet dissapears as it hits you. About a second later, things happened too fast for you to see, but it appeared as though a cannonball shot out of your forehead at hypersonic speed, hitting the man and sending him past the horizon in a split second. 'It looks like,' you thought 'the power I used on the witch works on all projectile attacks.' You continue to walk home, deciding to forget the incident. However, you cannot help but wonder how you would fare against physical attacks...

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