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Sweet spot

You have found that spot and now you tickle the dragon there, reducing her to a trembling mess as tears come out of her eyes and she isn't even able to laugh anymore, though she is letting out loud breaths where the laughs used to be. You are all of a sudden turned back into a human. "Bravo! That was marvelous!" the spider-queen lauds you. "For this, you get to be the human you once were!" "Thank you." you say, looking at how you have hands again. "But what of the dragon? Maybe I'll have her as a pet? She's nice, plump and cute, and no way she's gonna resist in her state." The webbing binding Dragon's been broken, so you pick her up with ease. The spider-queen replies: "Hmmm...I suppose you have a point. We have our treasure anyway. So take her and have her as your pet. You'll remember this adventure of yours anyway. And best of all, if she acts up, you know what to do." "Indeed." you reply. The Dragon starts to recover but is still a bit shaky, but you calm her by rubbing her belly gently but not in a tickling way and also hugging her, though you do think to yourself: "Geez, she sure is fat! But I guess that'll make her all the more cute as a pet."

Written by an anonymous author

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