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Warm Milk.

Your udder just won't stop growing, and it feels SSSSOOOOO GGGOOOODDD. Then you feel something pressing against your udder; you try to see what it it is but all you see is a little red thing.

"OH MY GOD" You shout. "Its Mars, its so small, or I'm I that big? then you start to feel little things hitting your udder. You look at you udder and see rocks hitting you. "Is that the Astroied Belt?" Your udder begins to rumble all of a sudden. "Uh oh, how big am I hanna get this time" You say with a grin on your face as you feel milk lactating into your huge milk sac of a udder. Your udder grows ten times bigger, you feel something press against you that you think is Satern, and another thing bigger than you think is Jupiter; your so big you can't even feel mars anymore.

Them you feel something bigger than all the other planets, feels like its burning hot but it doesn't hurt your udder. You look at the ball of heat and see its the Sun. "OMG, I'm bigger than the SUN!!!" You udder finally stops growing and your stuck with the now tiny sun pressed against your udder; soon you feel the milk inside of you begins to heats up. Soon your milk is bubbling inside you and its warmth is making you lactate milk in waves; your udder feels tight and begins to hurt a little. "Ooohhh, it hurts but it feels so good; I hope I don't bust." You grab you udder and squiese it releasing a torent stream of warm milk from your huge teats, the milk spreads across space. "Talk about Milkyway Galaxy." You squiese your udder again and release more milk so your udder stops hurting, but its still filled with milk thats beginning to boil. Some of your milk floats by so you drink some. "It even tastes good!!!" you shout slurping up more milk till your stomach is full. Your udder begins rumbling again. "Maybe drinking all that milk wasn't a good idea."


Written by Skunkindiapers

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