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Do a Barrel Roll!

The barrage of water balloons has knocked the werewolf off balance and as his center of gravity lifts off you, you instantly barrel roll out from under your predator's foot to the side and crouch behind a nearby pillar.

From behind the safety of the pillar you sneak a look from around it to observe the fight. Already there is a rainbow of balloon scraps all over the castle entrance's floor.

The werewolf wipes his eyes dry and howls mightily, the sound echoing far into the castle. As the werewolf lowers his head to glare at the kitsune, another water balloon smacks him in the face square between the eyes drenching him again with a nice wet splosh.

A few feet behind you, you notice a rising staircase. 'There's my escape route' you think to yourself; but you can't leave the kitsune who's risking her life to save your luckily still human rear...can you?

Written by The Limes

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