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h20 just add water

Three girls named Cleo Rikki and Emma.They were all friends that always slept over cleo's house.Once they all went for a swim at the beach near maco iland.They all put there feet in and after 5 seconds they fell back with a humungus tail.The girls started to swim to maco and see whats over there.Emma worked at this place to feed dolphins fish.A few months later Emma went to work and met a ladie called MRS Chatems she was a pretty old ladie she new about the girls tail she said to Emma your a mermaid she warned the three girls to stay away from they from the light of the full moon.the three girls invited their friend over for a movie night. His name was Louis he pretected them from the full moon and made sure that evry thing was shut.Emma was a terible singger she went to the bathroom but the windows wern't shut .Emma was staring at the full moon and the touched water she got no tail beacause the full moon.mean while Rikki was singing with Louis and Cleo.Emma snached the microphone out of Rikki's hand and stated singing but her voice was beautiful.Her hands were wet it was strange it was all from the full moon.A few days later Emma's voice was back to normal and the extra powers she got was gone and no one was really attraacted to Emma anymore

Written by monique

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