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One step forward and two steps back

"Lay down on your face and put your hands behind your head."

He looks up at up dumbfounded a moment, "Wha....?"

You try to look fierce with the axe again and motion that you're gonna whomp him over the head with the flat again. He cringes and quickly does as you tell him.

He asks "What are you gonna do to me?"

Silently you set the axe down and sit down on his back. He groans a moment but you know you can keep him down now at least. You may not be heavy but he doesn't look all the strong.

Sitting there you grab some of the cloths that have spilled on the floor. You see a series of ribbons and make good use of them. Binding his hands and ankles. It takes several minutes and you can hear the storm getting worse outside.

You stand up and say "Alright, roll over so we can talk."

As he begins to roll over you feel a pain on your neck. You stay quiet and reach to rub your neck and notice the dart that hit the ceiling it now piercing the side of you neck. He still seems to be trying to roll over so he hasn't seen whats happened.

You curse yourself for being so foolish but pull the dart free and slip it in one of your pocket. Hopefully it won't change you into a love slave but if it does you want to have a sample to do some tests on. As you hide the dart he rights himself and looks up at you.

Thats when you say "...

Written by Top Heavy

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