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!!! YUMMY!!!

You pounce on her,open your Jaws wide, Force her into your mouth and swallow her whole. "AHHHhhhhh....!" She screams as she bulges out of your neck. "Uhhh." You groan with the pain of her giggling in your neck. You find a stick and stick it down in your throat. You can feel her slowly sliding down more and more until....Plop! She lands in your ever-so-long-waiting stomach. You belch loud. "eww.." You hear her say. You laugh. "Let me out of here!!! I'll be digested!" "Of course. Thats the plan Jen." You say. "Oh, and Jennifer? Don't worry about the 'digesting' thing. It'll take ant leat a week for my digestive tract to even comprehend this meal. So you might be in there alive for at least a month." You say between laughs & Belches...

Written by an anonymous author

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