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Stay forever together in love as dragons

"Jessie?"you ask. "Yes isīs me why are you...what happend with me?"Jessie wonder. "I don't know.You are a dragon.But now i'm confused what to do with us?You are a Dragon an i'm a kitsune... What should we do?" "I don't konw?Do you have an idea?"Jessie says. "Wait in the castle.. there was a lile box but i was not able to open it because you found me."you answer. "Realy?Maybe it would help us.So let's go." You boh fly(besouse of Jessies wings) back to the castel and find the box. You open the box and a Jin cames out. In a loud and hard voice the jin says:"Thank you for helping me out of the box. I'll give you 1 wish. But think about it. Remeber you have only one wish!!"

You and Jessie want to be human again to be able to stay togehther again so you told the jin to change them back into humans. The jin ansers:"Sry. I'm not able to change you back because the magical spell on you is to strong.I#m very sorry... But I can make you both become a dragon.That would be quite easy for me!." After a time you say:"Yes.it might be the best for our love." "Your wish is my order!" he snapps his fingers an suddenly you are K.O.. When you wake up te jin has gone.Ther is only Jessie in the room, looking at you. "Wha-What happened?" you ask. "You tld the jin that you want to be a dragon an he made your wish come true.And the you went K.O.,you slep for a few hours."she says happilyNow we can stay forever together!" "Re-realy that is great.But i feel very srange an tired." You look down at yourselfe.You are a black dragon now with red stripes at your side.And you have big black wings at your back. "i can't believe that i'm really a dragon...I#m confuseed I thik I should sleep for a time, I'm terrible tired!" "Me too.So letīs get out of here and find a place to take sleep."jessie says. "Okay"you answer in a tired voice.

Written by Dragon liker

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