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Alien vs Werewolf

You say...."I don't think so fuzzball!" , you look to see you're still wearing the omnitrix and you decide to go all alien hero on his tail. You go through all of the alien heroes, you choose Benwolf and turn into that alien and then say...."Because I already AM one!" and then use your sonic howl attack to send him flying and then continue to kick his tail with your alien powers. Since you have the Master code for your omnitrix- you can turn into every single one of those aliens at will....You then turn into Wildmutt and tackle the werewolf. The werewolf looks like he's about to lose- which is good because it gives you a chance to use your alien powers. You turn into Heatblast and send a barade of fireballs in that werewolf's direction, the werewolf lies down on the ground defeated, "Oh alright, you win" the werewolf says. You turn into Stinkfly and fly off exclaiming..."See you later, loser!". With that pesky werewolf gone you can finally enjoy your day.

Written by H10

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