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This is from Banjo-Tooie also.

Then Elizabeth says, "I have a better idea. We can simply use this very neat machine I got from Gruntilda. It came very cheap. It is the Blast-O-Matic. It can suck all the life out of a large area. I will use it to suck the life out of the entire world. But, I must do two things first. I will test it on Megalomaniacs Anonymous." She then sucks all the life out of all the petty dictators. She continues, "I will now destroy the hero who killed me."


At your house, you are playing cards with all your friends. It turned out that the spell that turned Jessie into a kitsune just took a little while to wear off. She has now discovered that she has magical powers. She has already made herself a neat robe, and cast a spell on herself. She is now immune to all mind control. You decide to go out and get some groceries. You call to Jessie and head out the door. Jessie comes out with her spellbook. When you get out the door, you hear a weird sound. When you turn around, your entire house blows up. Jessie says, "Oh no. That was a powerful spell that can only be used by undead. Elizabeth must have been revived. But that means that... I have to go change." She runs behind the remains off the house. When she comes out, she is a kitsune. She says, "Good thing that I cast that mind spell immunity charm on myself. Now we must destroy Elizabeth Bathory. We must return to the castle where this all began." You then see that all your friends have been killed. You realize that it is time to return to the castle and face the witch again.

Written by Mitchell Lord (edited by wanderer)

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