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", So, you just have to go the whole time only straight ahead in this wood ", the gryphon said and pointed a claw in this way. You went nearer to the gryphon and gruntes ",I hope for you you are telling us the truth ", you said as you walk to his side and touches there.He abpruttly smiles ", Of course not , I am telling the truth."he answered. You gently move a finger to his soft-skinned armpit and begann moving there up and down. The gryphon starts to giggle but he doesn`t dare to make you stop. ", You know , I know you wouldn`t betray us because you know what then would happen .",you said as you scratches your finger faster on his amrpits. He giggled more and stomp his forpaws on the ground . ", Of course not hehehehehe, hihihi,hahaha ." You move your feather duster on his nose twirkling a bit letting him sneeze. ", SO thank you gryphon that you show us this way." , you said.

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