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tickle tickle

" And you should maybe cheer up a little bit ", you said as you brush slightly under the chin of the gryphon. The gryphon looked with big eyes as the feather duster keept brushing under his chin and his focus beginns automatically lowering. The dragon and the dog were smirking at you. The gryphon snickers and snourts a bit trying his best to ignore this twirling feather duster working its way to his neck. " , choochie coochie gryphon, you should laugh a little! ", as you brushes the feather duster even more on his sensitive chin. The gryphon starts giggling as he tries to keep his grip againt the dragon. ", Hihihi, pleasehohoho stop it pleasehahaha, that tickles so much hehehehe. PLeasse hahahhha", he giggle and snorted. The dragon gain the upper hand on the giggling gryphon.

Written by an anonymous author

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