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As you were flying with dragon suddenly you saw something comming straight ahead to you . ", You see this ", you asked . ", Of course , but I am not sure what it is " he answered. Suddenly ít becomes faster and than you recongnize the creature as a gryphon. It was going to smash into the dragon but dragon just could avoid it . The dog trembled with fear as he was sitting next to me. The gryphon stopped then in the air and looked angrily at you and dragon ", What are you creature doing here. This is our territory . Why`d you come here? ". ", We are just passing this aria . Whe didn`t want to disturb you. ", you said. But he just looked serious at you . ", I don`t believe you. Leave this territoty or I have to force you ! ", he suddenly flight towards dragon with his claws outstrechted but dragon blocked them with his own .So both were holding ech other claw. You and the dog feeld how the dragons muscles were strained. You looked at the dog with a look that says that you had to do something.

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