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tickle time 2

the spiders all gather in your armpits and dig in softlythey run around and spin webs in there.you are screaming in laughter.Then suddenly one of them gets entangled in your smelly and sweaty armpit hair. You scream like a banshee.Now insects arrive too. One grasshopper hops around in your balls, a butterfly lands on your nipples and flatter their wings around them. Next,the spiders are all done in your armpit. They crawl into your underwear and roam around. you struggle and hit one of them. They trap u in a web so u cant move. Then,as punishment,they split up and go into your armpits and balls. Then they summon the wise one,the tarantula, and it looks at you and with all 8 legs,it tickled your armpits,balls,sides,ribs and socked feet. you are at their mercy and is about to die of torture......uh oh

Written by nick tien

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