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Around the corner, a fire dragon appears and swallows both of you! You end up in her slightly bloated and almost perfectly round stomach. Looks like almost every dragon here has digestive problems, you thought, as you hear the red western dragon groan, and see the internal walls of her digestive organ depress a little as she clutched her stomach.

Amazingly, the stomach juices inside do not seem to have any visible effect on you and Troggie, other than the fact that it is extremely warm in there. While waiting for something to work out, you walk about on the organic floor, stirring up debris inside. Debris is the correct word, seeing that there is a lot of undigested stuff that stinks to high heaven. There's a piece of driftwood, a whole tree, several bricks that you can spy at the bottom of the stomach, and even a computer. The dragon groaned again, and the contents of her digestive tract moved around a little, as well as a long grumbling-squeaking sound that emitted from her stomach, causing several of the minions at the corridor to stare at her hugely bloated stomach.

Suddenly, you and Troggie are startled by a huge jolt as the dragon appeared to lie down on her back, sloshing around all the contents and muddying the stomach juices. At this point, you snapped and began slashing at the rippling walls with a sword taken from the skeleton of a dead knight. At every slash, the walls contracted tightly, then relaxed. Finally, the dragon couldn't stand it anymore, and shouted.

"HEY! I'm not trying to digest you here. I'm trying to help you, and I've heard all about your quest."

So, should you trust this dragon with a serious digestive tract problem, or try to cut your way through with the blade?

Written by Zachary

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