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Jessie flips out.

You look from left to right with your new slited eyes. You roar once, then stop due to the sound it made. All the Kitsunes come out, and Jessie is especially ticked.

"Indy, you clutz! Now look what you did!" She scolds. She attempts to change you back, but it's all faulty. Her powers are useless against the size of a dragon.

"How are we going to get him back?" asks Roy. "That old lady at the Castle could probably help him out."

Your about to voice your oppinion when you hear a sound that sounds like a balloon inflating. You look at your stomache to see it inflate another 6 inches.

"Oh no! If we don't hurry he'll be too big to move himself!" Becca cries.

Yout get up on your feet and start to fly, letting the Kitsune direct you from bellow. Every minuet or so you hear the noise again and again.

By the time you and your friends get there, you can barely fly. You land, hoping you'll have some other kind of growth spurt. Mabey the other direction, but it's not happening.

Becca and Roy run to get the "Old Lady" and leave you and the rest sitting there. You just sit there helplessly, praying you won't be a useless blob by the time they get back.

*ffft* again.... *ffft* again... *ffft* again...

Written by Get outa that situation, if you can!

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