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evil squirls

we know u are lieing and we want to know the truth. on the inside squirls are tickling ur feet and on the outside squirls are tickling ur belly botton. 2 girls walk up and the squirls run away.

"What do we have here"

"looks like someone got stuck in a tree"

"we should help him"

"wait. my boyfriend always tickles me and i want to knwo why it is so fun."

"please help me before the squirls come back."

"lies will only get u double ur tickling."

"No seriously please help me."

"i guess he will be tickled for an hour instead of 30 min. luckly or me i have my eletric toothbrush in my pocket i got from the dentist,"

"hey i have a paintbrush from my art class. i wonder how that would feel in ur belly button."

one girl tickles ur bellybutton and the other tickles ur abs and armpits with the 2 eletric tooth brushes.

you laugh so hard that u wet urself.

"eww he wet himself. guess we will have to go wash his pants well be back in about 4 hours i no how long it takes to get pee stains out of clothes."

"Wait u cant leave me here in my underweare."

"That is true. we cant leave him here in wet underweare. we should take those to"

u are left there nakes and the two girls stare at u.

"did we ever mention this is a magic tree."

they walk away laughing. vines come from the tree and they start to tickle ur belly boton. they tickle ur belly botton and ur feet, ur armpits, and ur abs for 4 hours. the girls are still not back. the tree tickles u for another day and the girls return the fallowing morning. u are exausted.

"sorry about that we fell asleep.

both girls laugh.

"sorry we lost ur clothes and we would not want to let u go. ooooooo look at the time i got to go. have fun sitting here naked. hope u dont meet any mean people or u would be totaly naked and exposed to the ultimate tickle."

Written by an anonymous author

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