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Too much carry-on baggage

The cart drops you off in front of the airport. Unfortunately, the ride took a little longer then expected, as the horses needed to stop to rest twice from carrying your weight, leaving you with an hour to board the plane. Waddling as fast as your legs can carry you, you enter the airport and step in line to get your baggage tagged and pick up your ticket.

"I'm sorry sir, you can't board the plane." says the woman behind the counter. "What?", you say, "But I already paid, why can't I board?"

"Our safety regulations. Someone of your... ummm, stature, cannot fit into the seats, or buckle a safety belt." "But he could hold down the entire plane", you hear someone chuckle behind you. "But I need to get to Ireland in a week," you say. "I'm sorry, sir, but you won't be going on this flight."

You cover your face in frustration; you should have seen this coming. "Do I have any other options?" you ask. "Let me check..." she says, typing something in on her computer. "Yes, you can wait a day and you might be able to take a private flight with one of our specialty pilots, or we can transfer you to a cruise line that will get you to Ireland in about 4 days."

You contemplate for a moment: The plane would get you there faster, but this weight issue is more serious then you had given it credit; what if you are too heavy to fly in a plane? Crashing would be the worst way to lose this game. The cruise sounds safer, but over half of your time limit will be taken up by it. After much debating, you finally say...

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