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Your stomach feels empty and growls loudly. "I feel hungry, doc. That normal?" "Don't worry, that's because your body's genetics are changing to bcome more efficient." As time continues, you grow more and more famished, until you feel you're going to faint. "Look doc, I gotta get something to eat." "Sure," he says, and you walk upstairs to the ice box.

As you pull the handle, the door suddenly snaps off its hinges. "What the!?", you say. You lift the door by the handle, and find you can easily lift it above your head. In fright, you drop it. You quickly look for something heavier to lift, settling for the kitchen table. You lift it as though it were feather light. You run back to the lab.

A short time later, the doc is giving you a physical in a specially designed gym. He tests your strength and finds you are able to simultaneously lift all his weights... with one hand. When he tests your agility, you complete the pole vault with feet to spare... without a pole. "Extremely cool," you think. Suddenly your stomach growls even louder than before. Time to get something to eat...

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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