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ooo the Power!

The deer kicks its foreleg and makes a run for it... Leaving you to your doom! The pain! The PAIN! Whacked by a sledge to your stomach. You couldnt breathe! You were getting extremely large. From the bottom of your spine you feel a tail growing. But you pass out before you feel any more pain.

When you come to your senses you feel horrbile to your stomach. You raise your hand to it but your hand didnt raise. You curve your neck up and see your paw. Yup it was a real paw. You try to sit up but bonk your head on the ceiling. You get angry and push straight through the ceiling. Surprisingly weak roof gave way to your enourmous head. you lift a paw and push forward through the wall of the castle.

There was supposed to be a danger here... where is it. When all of sudden you heard a voice. It called to you. Soft, and soothing you immidiately warmed up to it. Too late! Whatever it was it grabbed hold of his mind! The very enemy was himself! His own mind was against him! He had no control! His white wings pushed up and down flapping and grabbing air as they did so. Insticts told him he was going to feed... But he was just sharing control of the dragon. The dragon which took away his control. He was Spirit Linked to this being now... He shared a life, a way of thinking, a want! No way are you getting out now.

Written by El Tigre

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