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The Reality

Like said in the Bible that such things can happen within the twinkling of an eye, you somehow stand on all fours. You have cloven toe hooves instead of finger, or toes.

This seems odd if not somewhat bad, but your stance in then animalistic, as walking on all fours your body hangs on the skeletal frame that is that of a bull.

Horribly you think back to fond sensual memories of reading about someone in a very similar situation. The quotes of it abound through your brain, some of this thrills you, but other portions instills a sense of dread that being a bull in not going to be much for fun times.

"Did you ever want to be an animal? You know, unspoiled by a sense of right and wrong."

"Likely, or really don't need or care for the approval of subjects-cum-animals approval."

"I'm the one who will benefit, in touch with inner and outer feelings and senses ... ah, for the rest of your life. So, by changing, I am fulfilling my desires in a way." Although the wish to be transformed did not include becoming permanently as in the form of a bull.

"It seems a funny thing, the transforming always seems to increase male libido," said too the witch, she finding this attitude toward sensual pleasuring as if funny.

"You like to fornicate when you're changing form. Many of the muscular and bone shifts happen during the height of sexual functioning and especially just before, during and just after climax. It would seem planned it this way if I had soon then found it accrued naturally. The animal desires sex, sex creates transformation changes and that increases the need for sex. Becoming a beast increasingly makes the change happen to himself. For this reason, I (the witch)like to sell pairs and often will introduce two transforms of the same species into the same pen. Ah, the need to rut is indeed useful!"

The lusty pleasures we know as humans are but brutal urges that drive animals to mate and certainly not out of anything like love or respect for our mate.

It is from my loins I feel a pressure, an urge, and come the correct scent I might give in a let what comes, happen.

My thoughts seem as if a open book to the witch, she smiles at me as I think about all that I am feeling from becoming as a bull.

"Pleasure yourself to what ever degree you wish, as upon doing it once will remove your human semen, this makes the pathway of returning to be again a human as if written on ice and stored in an oven.

Your second such adventure shall remove your will to return to being human, leaving you to lust for what a bull likes most, Cows!

The third and your final fully pleasured mating shall reduce your mind to the level of a bull. The bequest of pure ignorance is what shall be the new you, acting on urge and scents, instincts in full flare, just as shall be that red rod in full view and flared for fun times with, Cows!"

All seems as if what I am is for naught, but somehow I have a brighter sense of feeling this is under a directive by higher powers; or at least I hope its from up high and not down low!

Written by Kevin Rooste

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