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Making a buddy

"Hey, wait up!" Tom was running towards you. Catching up with you, he gives you a huge hug with his massive arms that sends ripples through your belly. "What's wrong Tommy?" you ask him. "I wanna comewith you today. I'll miss you too much if i don't." he answers, giving you a friendly punch on your chubby cheeks. Confused but happy to have company on your expedition today, you enter the cave with your buddy. "So what we lookin for today?" Tom asks. "Were supos to find this old gem thing." you tell him. "Well whats so special about it." "Not too sure, but people used to think that kind of gem could make dreams come true." "K thats cool." About five hours later, Tom finds the gem. Calling you over, he shows you the sparkling rock. "I wonder if it works..." Tom whispers...

Written by Burnin the spotlight

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