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Time Portal

Vakoligan snarls. "Those cowards,entrap me knowing I will neever get a chance to stop them." Then he stops and looks at you. The look makes you nervous. "I can do a time spell." He draws a cicle around you with the tip of his tail."Wait!" you say "What about you" he sighs. "I only have enough energy to transport one person." You sigh too "At least he's not killing me." you think. "Exaxtly!" he says smiling smugly. He mumbles some words under his breath and a small portal opens. You are about to step in the portal when he stops you and hands you a stone. "Here, use this communicate." You nod and step in. You fell like your fur is being ripped from your skin. Soon you black out. When you come to you feel something is wrong. You growl, it sounds like a yip. Something IS wrong. you are...

Written by JQ37

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