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aginst all odds

"Well, I don't know, I'm not sure of what I can get if can't see it so..." You reply ,then sit in silence.

You then come up with an idea, throatily you say "You could pick me up and get me to the entrance of the cave, you could try squeezing you out." You simile

"C'mon, what are we going to stop getting fat!!" The dragon replies smiling

"Yeah!" she picks you up and slowly waddles to the cave entrance, every step like a giant earthquake under its wake.

She sets you down and wedges herself in the cave.

"Okay go!" She sys. You push and push, but it difficult. It seems it would take a miracle to get her out

"Push!" the dragons struggles and with a slam against hers, the weight thrusts her out. "Good I'll be back." winks and girns as she takes off.

You are thinking how to move your body when you roll around on your blubber. Then your glutinous body sore but captiously happy, you wait for the dragon, you not sure what to do but you feel sleeping and contently drift off to sleep again..

Written by JR

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