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ride of the valkyry

when you wake up, your staring into the face of an old man. he wears an eyepatch over his right eye, a horned helmut, and has a raven on each shoulder. 'who are you?' you ask, then gasp and cover your mouth when you hear yourself speaking in a sexy, swedish accent. 'i am wodin,' the old man drawls slowly. 'i am da chief god of da norsemen, or vikings. i was made chief long ago, when i slew the wicked frost giant...' odin drawls on and on about his life. you get to your feet. you lose interest in his ramblings quickly, and begin to explore your body. your very tall, thin and sexy. yet your not some skinny weakling model, your body is strong and fit. your browny blonde hair is tied back into a long, elaborate braid. your wearing light, but tough armor over your big breasts. your legs are bare, your feet are in dainty fur sandals. you have a horned helmut on your head, a golden shield on your arm, and a long sword at your side. add this to your accent and the fact that odin is in front of you, talking long-windedly of how he and thor went on a fishing trip and caught nothing but baby krakens the whole day, you figure out you must have been transformed into a valkyrie. but why? then it clicks. the bear man must have been loki, the norse god of trickery. he must have done this to you magically. you suddenly realize odin is, finally, wrapping up. 'anyway, to cut a long story short, fenrir escaped his prison, and you must catch the bad, giant wolf before gets to earth.'

Written by loki's fourth child

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