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Jimmy Thomkans

"Remember that little boy you picked on in school, Jimmy Thomkans?" the werewolf says, crossing his muscular arms. You have a flashback. When you were in the 5th grade, you bullied Jimmy Thomkans. You only did it to him because you were tired of others picking on you. Now you always feel guilty when you think of him. "Ya, I knew him. But what's it have to do with you?" You suspiciously ask. "I AM JIMMY THOMKANS" He blurts out. You gasp and are completely speechless. He starts to tell you a story. "Remember when you pushed me into that pond and ran away after 5th grade graduation? " "Ya," you say, "I never saw him-I mean you-again." "Well, that pond seemed to have MAGIC mid-evil powers. And you know what? POOF! There I am. A wolf. With no one to look to, no one to be with, no one to understand. Oh ya, you screwed my life up, and you screwed it up bad. That's why I wanted to GIVE YOU A TASTE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE! And here we are, 25 years later, both werewolves." You feel guiltier than even before. You manage to build up the nerve to ask, "But why did you want to be on fire?" "I just wanted to end my horrible life once and for all." "Then why don't you end it now," you ask. "I'll end it, but not right now. First, I have to TAKE CARE OF YOU!!" Jimmy takes a claw swipe right at your face and manages to leave a huge slash mark gash in your right cheek. Both of you start to battle, fanged werewolf versus fanged werewolf. After 1 hour of slashes, swipes, blood, gashes, and swearing, both you and Jimmy are too cut up to fight anymore. Should you...

Written by Brice Lampe

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