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ticklish snake

* While the snake asks you you take out your chance and reach to his chin . Then you tickle his chin. Snake: Hhoohohohoh, stop that, hahahhaha cut it out, hihihahahaha , dont tickle me,hahahaha . While you are tickling him you give the dog a sign that he should try to wriggle free. The dog automatically tries to become free and while the sanek is laughing hard he losed his grip at the dog. Snake : hahaha , please stop, ihihihihahahaha, youhhahaha will not let my food escapehehehehe! "Coochie coochie coo , you big snake,!" you teased him. When the dog comes free and begann running away you tickle him a little bit and then you jump from his body to the ground and the you also run with the dog.The snake giggles a bit and then saw you with angry eyes .Snake : You will not escape me!

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