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Thrunky put the book on his table and both of you aswell. He took Troggie and placed him on the floor. "Time for revenge, first it will e small then more painful". He then placed Troggie against his toes. "Smell" Thrunky said. Troggie breathed in and fainted. Thrunky laughed and peeled him of and placed him next to you. "Your turn" He then picked you up and placed you onthe floor. He then tried to step on you but you ran then he tried again and caught you. "Naughty pet" He said "Time for a lesson." He walked around the room and you felt so much pain with every step. He then Placed you on the desk next to Troggie. You fainted from the pain. Later you awoke to find Troggie still unconcious and Thrunky sleeping. You walked to the book and tried to open it but it was so large and heavy. Thrunky awoke and walked over to the table you hid behind the book. He took Troggie and placed him inside his mouth

Written by an anonymous author

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