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oh dear

He is know giant even for the other trolls and you are still the same size as with you were shrunk. You slip from the tongue and fall as he rises and grows. You land on his foot and roll onto his big toe. The toe is now at least fifty times your size when it stops. You try and cling on as Troggie walks off. His foot prints are huge the size of huge buildings. You mutter the incantation again and as you say the last word you jump so that you are not touching Troggie and the speel doesnt effect him. You grow back to unshrunken size. It rea ches night fall. Troggie lays down in a baron land, you cling onto his toe now only ten times you size. He sees you in the twilight and jumps in shock. You fly into the in and land inbetween his stinking toes. He picks you up and squints to see you. "A bug." He lifts his hand to his mouth and opens wide.

Written by flogen

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